Today, I cheated on my hair stylist. 

I didn't want to!  It's just that my sister is getting married in Vegas in twelve days, I needed a trim before then, and I don't have time to go in next week.  So, I went to a stylist who happened to have an opening today... at, um, the same salon I always go to.

Gene Juarez is a big place, so it isn't surprising that I saw my usual stylist just one time while I was there.  I don't think she noticed me at all.  That was good because I don't know what I would have done!  Waved and said, "Hi!  I would have come to you, but you didn't have any openings!"

No, no, no.  That would have made Stylist #2 feel bad, right?  Like I never wanted her in the first place!  Like she didn't need to bother impressing me because I was going to come back to Stylist #1 for my next visit no matter what!

That whole awkward potential crisis was avoided.  Phew.  But I'm having an issue now.  You see, Stylist #2 really worked to impress me.  She did this awesome scalp massage while shampooing my hair.  Stylist #1 doesn't do scalp massages.  She just, you know, washes and rinses my hair all regular like. 

Stylist #2 also spent a long time styling my hair to make look all glamorous.  Stylist #1 doesn't try to make me look glamorous.  She just blow dries and puts a few spritzes of hair spray on before sending me on my way.

When I went in today, it was with the idea that cheating on Stylist #1 would be a one-time thing.   Now I'm not sure what I'll do when it's time for another trim in three or four months.  Will I make my appointment with Stylist #1 because she's my girl and I've been going to her for years and we have a history and she loves TWILIGHT but I totally don't hold it against her because she's just so cute and funny?  Go to Stylist #2 because, well, you know, the massage/styling stuff I just mentioned.  Or tell the appointment-setting person who answers the phone to give me the next appointment for whichever of them has an opening that is most convenient for me, so that I see what happens?

Oh, dear.  I just don't know.

Anyway, here's what Stylist #2 did to my hair.  I took the picture myself, of course, and my arms aren't long enough to pull the camera back to show you all how long my hair really is.  It's way long, though.  Longer than it's been in all of my life.


I don't know.  I'm not positive that the volume on top is my best look.  Maybe it makes my forehead and/or face look too long or something?  Or maybe it's the turtleneck thingy doing all that?  Or maybe All The Glamour just takes getting used to?