So, I made a public entry about having found my yearbook from sophomore year. 

Backstory:  So, my first boyfriend (defined as "boyfriend" because we were "going out," but he never actually kissed me or anything) was Chris and I, you know, gave up Christian Slater to be with him.  Then, four weeks later, he broke up with me in a letter, telling me that he was going to boarding school in the fall so we might as well end things on an up note or whatever.  I was upset.  I thought he'd been playing me all along (although, why? I was/am a tad bit paranoid about weird stuff) and using me (for what?).

Well, Chris's boarding school plan didn't pan out that year.  He had to go on some family vacation and started school a month late at our school.  By then, David and I were already in luuuurve.  (David is the one I was writing about in the earlier entry today, just so you know.)

Chris couldn't understand it.  He'd thought we were going to pick back up where we left off.  He thought I should have waited for him.  After all, he said, the only reason he ever broke up with me was because he'd thought we weren't going to see each other for a year.  He'd never stopped liking me. 

I told him it was definitely over, he'd screwed things up, that David was The One for Me.  Regardless, Chris spent that entire school year trying to sabotage my relationship with David and "win" me back.  It was kind of a disaster.  There was fisticuffs between them on more than one occasion.  I don't know if there was anything I could have done to make him stop; I was never good at setting boundaries with guys.

So, at the end of sophomore year, Chris wrote this in my yearbook:

Dear Mindi,

Well, this has been a good year.  Well not really but oh well.  I'm glad we're getting out of here and going away to school together next year.  even though you don't want to go there.  I would miss you if you went somewhere else.  I mean, I would miss you alot.  Not a little.  Anyway... I probably should say Im sorry for all the mean things Ive said and done this year to you so that I can go to heaven, so. "Sorry, Mindi, will you forgive me?"

There, I said it.  Aren't you proud of me? You should be. 

I hope you have a good summer.  I know I won't.  I'm going to have to work the whole time, just so I can help pay for school.  I hope I see you during the summer.  You better go to church so I can.  If you don't I'll call you 5 times a day and bother you.  Ok?

By the way, I love your little picture over on the other page. You'd make a good cop, Mindi. Ha-ha.  Well, don't get any tattos or anything stupid like that, ok? 

I love you.


Just now, while I was still shaking my head over the fact that he actually wrote that when he knew that everyone, including my boyfriend could see it, I spotted tiny writing underneath his signature:

I hate that little shit, Chris.  Love, David

Oh, how I laughed