I still don't have a title.  My agent presented my case for one in particular, but it was a "no" because "it connects TOO strongly with the rock music/musician idea that can so easily veer into high cheese in teen fiction. Honestly, one of the things we all loved here about Mindi’s book was that it manages to portray a character who’s “in a band” without it coming off as cheesy and unrealistic at all in the story, but as a title in itself, it carries too much of that risk."

From the new list I sent yesterday, they like:

SMASHED, but without the -ed = SMASH

I can handle the second two, but SMASH makes me think of HULK, SMASH.   And, no.  Just... no.

Also, I like SCRATCH because it's a short piece of the most recent title.  But what are the other meanings and layers for it?  All I think of is playing pool.

I'm getting pretty burned out on this.