Since accepting Pulse's offer in May, I've done a pretty good job (all things considered) about not dwelling upon things which are out of my control.  Like these sorts of things:

Is your book deal going to be listed on Publishers Marketplace?
At my publisher's request, my agent is waiting to post it until after a new title has been settled upon. 

La lala.

Oh, right.  How's that new title change coming along anyway? 
I compiled a list of ideas which my agent sent over about five weeks ago.  My editor wants to get more folks at Pulse to weigh in before making a decision. 

La lala.

Have you received your revision notes yet?
I have not.  At the end of May, I was told that the notes would arrive at the end of July. 

La lalalalalalala la .

Hey, is anything going on with your book at all?
Probably.  Maybe.  I hope so?  Really, I have no idea.  If things are going on, no one is telling me about it.

A problem has emerged, damaging my not-dwellingness:  signs indicate that today is July 28th.  Which, I have somehow gotten into my head  as officially qualifying as "the end of July." 

Naturally, I have been refreshing my email and holding my breath whenever a new one appears. 

I've GOT to make this nonsense STOP.