My editor is getting married in October.  I was invited verbally to said wedding in April 2008, long before she was my editor. 

For the longest time, I didn't really know whether I'd go.  But now that I'll be getting some advance money and stuff, I thought it would be a cool thing to do!  My husband and I have always wanted to visit D.C.  Also, I got a crazy good deal for the plane tickets (two round-trip for Seattle/Baltimore for $330 TOTAL price!).  So we're going.  Between Baltimore and D.C., we'll be there for nine days.

So, the thing is, I have three crit partners who were all students of Liesa's, too.  We have a private message board where we upload work for critiques and post updates about what's all going on in our writing lives and such.  There was a recent conversation (about peacock feather headbands, if I remember correctly), where one of them said, "It would be so much fun if we could all meet up someday!  Too bad we all live so far from each other." 

(One of them lives in DC, one in NY, and one in CT.  And I'm in Seattle, WA.)

I said, "I might be going to Baltimore and Washington DC in October for a wedding.  Is that far from all of you?"

And then we started planning it.  Meeting in Baltimore.  The NY and CT girls might be able to carpool, and DC is all kinds of close to Baltimore!  It could really happen!  Which would be so super fun!

Now I'm feeling uncomfortable, though.  Because, to my knowlege, none of them have been invited to the wedding.  And I didn't specifically say upfront, "I'm going to Liesa's wedding" because I didn't know for sure that I was going anyway.  And, also, I didn't want to seem like I was rubbing it in their faces or something.  (Since, you know, they would all love to have her as an editor, too.)

We are all FaceBook friends, so obviously they are soon going to realize that the wedding I'm going to is Liesa's.  And anyway, even if FB wasn't a factor, they would still at some point, bring it up in conversation, "So, do you have family in Baltimore?  Whose wedding is this that you're attending?"

I'm worrying too much.  I know I am.  I'm just feeling awkward.  I'm not sure how to proceed without feeling like I'm turning it into a thing.

Edit:  After taking up all this time to type this, I ended up explaining in a comment on FB anyway.  (Not specifically to one of the three.)  So, now it's out there.  And I'm feeling much less awkward already!