As you may recall, I'm attempting to finish a first draft before the end of July

In order to defeat my perfectionist within, I've been handwriting all my scenes in a journal, and not allowing myself to make corrections (aside from scribbled notes in the margins).  I am also not allowed to type these scenes on my computer. 

Actually, things are going okay.  I am working with two parallel time lines for this story.  I have most of the scenes completed for the past tense sections, and I finally have my thoughts for the present tense in some kind of order so that I may soon begin.

It's kind of crazy because I've changed my mind about something in every single one of the scenes I have so far.  Who is going to appear in them, how my MC feels, how my MC behaves.  Things are all over the place while I try to settle on, especially, who she is. 

I'll definitely be curious--once this is over--to see how much help this draft is going to be in actually getting something ready that I can show to people.  But at least I will have this collection of rough, rough scenes that can be revised, revised into something decent.  That's the real fun of writing for me, after all.