It all started last November.  My husband and I had checked out of our condo in Hawaii, and still had a few hours to kill before catching our flight home.  We stopped at the movie theatre and decided to watch whatever was coming on soonest.  MAX PAYNE had just started, so we paid and rushed into the theatre that the usher guy pointed to.  As we took our seats, a bizarre scene with young people singing and dancing at a basketball game unfolded before us.

"I think this is the wrong movie," I said.

I was right. 

We busted out of there in a dazed state seconds later, and saw on the sign above that HIGH SCHOOL MUSICAL 3 was playing in the theatre we'd just come from.  The movie we'd paid for was the next one over. 

After sitting through MAX PAYNE, we joked that we'd made the wrong choice and should have stayed for HSM3.  We started saying we need to have an HSM marathon.  Ha ha ha!  But somewhere along the way, we forgot that we were joking.

So, this weekend, it happened! 

I have a lot of opinions of this franchise... not all of them bad.  (But seriously, what is UP with Sharpay always having a change of heart from her villainous ways at the end?!!!)  I have to say, there are so many incredibly cheese-tastic moments throughout.  But some of those were the moments I adored the most!  I absolutely love any scene with sports equipment used for synchronized dance.  LOVE IT.   I'm a big fan of "Get'cha Head in the Game" from #1, "I Don't Dance" from #2, and "The Boys are Back" from #3.

What do those have in common?  Boys dancing around with sports equipment (and car parts) being (mostly) unintentially hilarious!  I laughed and laughed until my stomach hurt and yelled, "Awesome!" so many times during those numbers.

Favorite character:  Troy (Zac Efron), of course.  Second fave is Ryan.
Least favorite character:  Gabriella.  Sorry.  She's so bland.

I suspect I won't watch these movies again, and I could never abide having the soundtracks.  But I might get those three aforementioned songs.  Especially "I Don't Dance."  I'll do anything (aside from watching the film again) to keep the memory with me of those boys singing at each other on the baseball field!