On the movie, THE SAINT with Val Kilmer and Elisabeth Shue, there is a scene where the characters meet for the first time at the Shelley Memorial. 

He asks, "Do you like it?... The sculpture?"  She answers in the affirmative.  He says, "What do you love about it?"

That last line has always cracked me up.   At his prompting, she admitting to liking it, but he took it a step further, saying that she loved it.  (Which was true, too, actually.  But she had no way of knowing that he knew that.) 

Sometimes, my husband and I have conversations in tribute and/or mockery of that scene.

Me:  Do you like my new shirt?

Him:  It's pretty cool.

Me:  What do you love about it?

Him (pretending to consider):  The way it... glows.  And how the light holds it in silence, taking care of it.  Yeah.  That's what I like about it.

Try it sometime, with any topic!  It can make for some amusing times.  Really.