First off, thanks, everyone, for your supportive comments regarding my traumatic time at Urgent Care the other day. I was reluctant to call customer service, but I did send them an email. I'm much better at writing that sort of stuff than speaking it, I think. It wasn't a complaint per se. It was more of a please-let-your-staff-be-aware thing. I think I was fair, but also very clear. Honestly, the more time that passes and the better my head feels, the more WTF??? I'm feeling about the experience. I mean, really. That seriously happened? Anyway, enough about that. As I mentioned a few weeks ago when I posted my 2009 goals, I've been adding a little bit of exercise into my life. Somehow, without my noticing it, my endurance has increased. This is a good thing.

Now that I know that I won't keel over and die from exercise, I want to make specific goals. I've already decided that I want to be able to not fall down while going from a standing position to the pose Chaos is doing on the DVD cover of her yoga workout: Photobucket

Also, if my company has a summer picnic and if there is a "Who can hula hoop the longest? " competition like I've been told there was last year, I will so be there, attempting to win! But I want to do something bigger, too.

One of the participants at the weight management program where I work has been incredibly inspiring. She's lost, I don't know, fifty pounds or so, and is becoming very fit. She bikes and runs, and recently completed her first half marathon. She told me that she got started after finding a half-marathon training schedule online. Now she's still going at it and is ready to work on increasing her speed for her next half marathon.

I looked at the race schedules in Washington to see if there are any that I could train for this summer. It would be cool if I could be ready by the end of June because the Rock 'n' Roll Seattle looks fun! But from what I can tell from the training schedules, eight or more weeks seems to be standard and safe. And for a novice, I would need to have at least four weeks of conditioning before I even started the training portion. Which means I'm unlikely to be ready to run a half marathon by the end of June. :-(

Maybe I could be ready for July or August. I don't know, though. Going from being able to walk a few miles to running 13.1 miles still might be a bit much for me at this point. Should I start with trying to get myself ready for a 5K this summer instead? Advice?