Some of the things I have done today

1.  Scanned through hundreds of athletic swimsuits online. 

2.  Purchased zero athletic swimsuits.

3.  Researched mortgage rates for home refinancing.

4.  Called our mortgage broker and made an appointment to discuss home refinancing in person.

5.  Viewed dozens of yoga mats. 

6.  Bought zero yoga mats.

7.  Learned about Kettlenetics.

8.  Received a call from my best friend during which we discussed--among other things--teenage boy puberty stuff.  (She has an eleven-year-old son.)

9.  Read descriptions and reviews of books about teenage boy puberty stuff.

10.  Baked sweet potatoes.

11.  Refreshed my email (intermittently) 13,539 times.

12.  Added a pointless line right here so there wouldn't be eleven items in my list.

13.  Distractedly refreshed my email in another screen.

14.  Screamed, because having a list with thirteen items is just as bad as having eleven. 

15.  Scolded myself, and vowed that I will accomplish something truly great* immediately after posting this. 

*Eating a sweet potato and sorting laundry.