I just sent my revisions back to my agent.  I first received his notes twenty-three days ago.  Not too bad.

My plan had been to try to have one or two people read it before I sent it to him to make sure I nailed it.  But by Thursday, I realized I already knew where I'd succeeded on my own.  I mean, it is still possible that he will want me to take a stab at writing the first scene AGAIN after reading what I've done here.  Or that he we'll want to see something more added to a certain subplot or something.  I don't think anyone else is going to be able to read his mind and tell me that, though.  

The very last thing I finished was the very first paragraph.  I worked on it periodically over the last twenty-three days, but I only finished it a few minutes ago.  When my sister called this morning, wanting me to come visit her and my niece today, I said, "I can't leave until I'm done with this first paragraph."

She said, "Here, I'll write it for you.  'Thirty minutes.'  Then put a period.  Then say, 'Thirty minutes was all Daniel said it would take' exclamation point.  See?  Easy!  There you go!" 

Then she typed it up in an email so I could see what it looked like.

I didn't go with her plan -- especially not with the exclamation point -- but I think I have something better.  ;-)

And, by the way, thanks to everyone who helped with my "was vs. were" problem.  It was very helpful!