Friday morning, I was like, " I think I'll be done with this revision in a week or two."

Friday night, I was like, "Actually, I think I'll be done by the end of the weekend."

It's weird how it happens like that.

Anyway, I feel good about everything I've done so far.  I think I've addressed every issue in Agent's notes--except the cursed bowling alley scene, which I'm going to get to work on as soon as I finish this entry.  (Well, it's been addressed.  I'm just not finished addressing it.)

Oh, and I'm also trying to figure out an alternative to "Pretty Girl." 

Seth doesn't know the name of one of the girls for the first 43 pages.  So, he has to have something to refer to her as so that readers know who he means, right?  "That Girl From the Party" gets old and doesn't say anything about her.  So, I went with "Pretty Girl."  Because... he thinks she's pretty.  And, in fact, "pretty" is used exclusively in the ms in reference to this girl.  (As is "beautiful," which I thought I'd only used twice, but actually used six times.)  Other girls might be "hot" or "cute" or whatever.  But no one else is ever "pretty."    

Agent put "Pretty Girl" on a short list of phrases that "sound a little insincere and possibly not 100% accurate for the age."

I don't disagree.  I don't know!  I mean, Lucas on ONE TREE HILL always called Brooke "Pretty Girl" while they were dating!  (Which I discovered only seven months ago when I started watching that show.)  Not that Lucas is a real boy or a boy like Seth, necessarily. 

I haven't come up with anything to use in its place that doesn't make me cringe.  My sister and I spent an amusing half hour brainstorming new options two weeks ago.  In the end, we both still liked "Pretty Girl" best.