I've been working on my revisions off and on for the past two weeks.  Not with as much diligence as I would have hoped for, but it's been quite a transition trying to finish other obligations and get back to my old writing schedule.  I printed out the list of suggestions and have kept them on my desk while I'm working.  There were only 1.5 pages (ten items), and I've been checking things off as I finish.  I'm finally down to the last three items.  Which is great! 

One of the three will require writing a brand-new scene, and another will require ripping apart and condensing an eleven-page section.  I intentionally left these for last because of how they happen chronologically on the list and in the story, but also because they are the hardest. 

I have plans.  I've been pondering how to handle these pieces since I received the notes.  It's still kind of scary, though.  Maybe because the last time I wrote a new scene for this story was OVER A YEAR AGO.  (Since then, I've just been adding or deleting the occasional sentence or paragraph.)