There are exactly three people (to my knowledge) who have read the most recent version of my manuscript. I am not one of them.

It's true!  When I revised in December, I went through and changed things for the specific subplot I was reworking.  And I tweaked a couple of other tiny things.   Afterward, I read each of the scenes that I'd worked on, but I never did read the whole draft all in order.  I was to the point where I'd been querying the ms for seven months and couldn't stand to look at the thing again.  This "final" revision was my last-ditch effort at trying to get an agent before throwing it and myself into a pit of despair.

As it turned out, an agent and her assistant read this version and asked for revisions.  A second agent (who was the third person then) read it and offered representation. 

I've started revisions for my agent now without so much as looking at that draft.  I'm just plowing forward. (Although I do intend to read the whole thing straight through before I send it back to him.) 

I've never told him this (and perhaps never will), but it amuses and pleases me that he read and fell in love with a version of my work that I am unlikely to ever experience for myself!