Borrowed from P@. Rules: a) Go to and type in your answers to the following questions. b) Post your favorite definition it gives you -- or just post the first one. (or multiple answers if it's just too funny.)

1) Your name? 2) Your age? 3) Your favorite drink? 4) Favorite color? 5) Birthplace? 6) Month of your birth? 7) Where you live now?

My answers:

1. Mindi: The hottest ass girl in your class.

2. 31: A way to express a that something is happening 24/7; the sum of those two numbers. I like this one. I think I want to start using it.

3. Sprite: A rather refreshing drink. I tried "Shirley Temple" and "hot chocolate" first. Most of those definitions made me a little sick to my stomach.

4. Black: A color widely defined as the absence of light.

5. Tacoma: Greatest city in the history of the world. Any person who grew up there will tell you that it's got a small-town feel with big city amenities. It doesn't barely smell at all, and hey, I've never been shot. Cut it a break once in a while. This one makes me laugh really, really hard.

6. October: The name of U2's second album. It is one of their many, many amazing studio creations.

7. Shoreline: Extremely potent strain of marijuana. Unique smell and taste. The dankest sh**, seldom found outside Galveston and Houston areas. Interesting. I had no idea!