I don't know why, but I am seriously having issues trying to make any kind of "Yay, it's 2009!" entry.  I've spent the past month or so reflecting on what went right and wrong for me during 2008 (mostly regarding my writing), and have considered what I want to do differently in 2009.  But the list itself isn't coming to me in the awe-inspiring form I was expecting. 

The only thing I'm for sure about at this point is that I have an agent-requested revision I'm going to work on during the month of January!!!!  I also want to aim to finish Kae's story this year and have it ready to query (if need be) by this time next year.  And I'd like to attend some of the monthly SCBWI meetings in Seattle, perhaps. 

On the exercise front (you didn't know there was an exercise front going on with me, did you?  That's because there hasn't been one for years!), I'll be attending water aerobics class once a week for at least ten weeks.  I know that only because I was forced to make the decision about it this week.  (My day job will reimburse for portions of certain fitness expenses, but only if the proper documentation is turned in by January 2nd.  Otherwise, one has to wait until July to start getting the benefit.  I know that if I have to wait until July, I'll never do anything.  So... I paid for it this week.)

And, for the resord, I ABSOLUTELY MUST CLEAN AND ORGANIZE MY HOME OFFICE.  It is a disasterous disaster and I've been putting off this horrendous project since the end of November.  (Well, before that, really.  But the end of November was when I decided it HAD to be attended to.)  I have until January 4th at bedtime to get this done. 

Well, this isn't the list I was hoping for, but it will do for now.  Happy New Year, everyone!