I am glad I did that mad bout of querying and revising this week. 

After receiving the full request I mentioned on Monday, I revised my draft on Tuesday and sent it over that afternoon afternoon.  This morning, I got this note:

Hi Mindi,

Thanks for sending the complete manuscript! I liked it a lot and passed it on to [agent], who will read it as soon as she can.


[Assistant to Agent]

Based on response times on Verla's, it looks like I should hear back within a month.  No one who received rejections mentioned having had correspondence with an assistant first, so I'm not sure if this is a good sign (like, usually the assistant just sends out rejections without the agent even having read the materials because the agent trusts her assistant to know what she likes, etc. and therefore my receiving a personal note after only three days means something especially cool) or if this is a neutral sign (like, the agent has only had an assistant pre-reading for her for a short time, so there is no precedent to be mentioned by the other writers). 

In either case, I'm still taking it as a good sign.  I do like it when agent's assistants like my work enough to think it might have a shot!