I sent out 17 new queries for Seth's story this afternoon. Was that stupid of me? I don't know. There is one thing I really, really need to revise/incorporate into this story in order to know that it is The Best It Can Be... For Now. Sure, there are a few other things people have suggested which might help some, too, but I don't believe any of them are make-it-or-break-it things. So, I'm going to just do it. This small revision. Maybe if I'm lucky, I can get it done between Wednesday afternoon and Thursday morning (ha!)--since those are the only blocks of time I'll have available until the morning of December 23rd.

Anyway, the queries. I had made a list of agents that I'd planned to query in October until I developed a horrible fear that this whole thing is a huge waste of my time. But I've read stories, you know? Other writers who have been in that place who decided to just send out a few more queries before moving on. And voila! They finally got an offer!

I've begun incorporating this one thing into the manuscript. And I sent the e-queries out two hours ago.

(I got a request for a partial an hour later, but then I checked response times on Verla's and saw that this agent has a reputation for requesting partials (and fulls, even!) and then never responds. Ever. So, I won't get my hopes up too far with her!)

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