Today, in my old Hotmail account's junk mail folder, I got a message I considered opening.

Subject line:  Contact your agent

I was like, "Ha ha, spammer!  You can't fool me.  I don't even have an agent!"

But then I thought:  Wait!  Maybe I do.  Or could!  Maybe there's an agent who wants to offer me representation, but can't reach me.  So, this email is, like, their last effort to make sure we connect.  They're like, Mindi!  Please, contact me!  PLEASE! 

So, if I didn't open this email, it might all be over. Over!  I'd have to go through life never knowing there was some Seth-loving agent out there.  Beyond tragic, right?

Then I remembered that I use a different email account for all agent correspondence, so there is no way their last attempt would come to Hotmail. 

Oh, and the email address it came from was a series of seemingly random numbers and letters.

And that is the story of how I deleted a piece of junk mail unread today.