In aught-five, my first MEOW SISTERS draft was written in alternating-first-person viewpoint.  I had way too much going on with the characters.  There was enough for Kat and Neko each to carry a full (crappy) novel on her own.  I never finished a full first draft, but it would have been a enormous if I'd managed to get that far.  Back then, my execution and plotting were so poor that it got to the point where I got overwhelmed and gave up, promising myself that I would choose one viewpoint or the other if I ever came back to it.  

Three years later, here I am.  During the past several months, I've made a ton of changes to my story idea in order to use a more commercial hook I came up with.  Hooray!  The problem now is that I've had no desire to write the characters.  To distract myself from this tragedy, I've been focusing on JK&L whose characters might be some of the most complex and interesting I've ever created.  (Naturally, I have a weak hook and only a vague story idea for Jay and Kae.)  

It seems like a shame to have two projects going with each of them missing huge and important components.  So, yesterday, I spent time thinking about MEOW, which I believe is the one I should be pursuing right now.   (I just have no business putting another year plus into a project that might never sell because it doesn't have a hook.  You know?)  But it always feels like when I try to write MEOW from Neko's POV that there is something missing with the story.  And when I try to do it from Kat's, there is still something missing.  

Yesterday, I realized that in this version, the main plot is the sisters' relationship with each other.  If I went back to my original alternating-first- person format, it might actually work this time.  Not only that, it will also make better sense and strengthen my hook.  All good stuff. 

Lightbulb moment!  Maybe the big thing that's been missing with this story lately has been... the other sister. 

Suddenly, I can again see myself wanting to write this!  But I admit to being intimidated by the alternating first person format.  It isn't the differing voice aspect that scares me, though.  I'm just not sure what to do to keep the subplots and such from getting huge and out of control like last time.  

I can think of a few novels I've read with alternating first person formats, but they've mostly been boy/girl stories.  (NICK & NORAH'S INFINITE PLAYLIST, TWO-WAY STREET, ANYONE BUT YOU.)  I also read a draft of GETTING CAUGHT by


which had two girls.  

Any other book recommendations that might help me?  

Also, does anyone have any general writing/plotting suggestions that might help with putting together a story like this, too?  (I know; that's a vague question.  I just don't know what I need to know because I don't know it yet!)