Over the weekend, I thought of a new idea for a story.  The inspiration came last night while I was trying to sleep after a second viewing of the film WAITRESS, and a first viewing of the season one finale for ONE TREE HILL.  I don't know how, if, or when I'll be able to develop this idea.  Or if I even want to.  But I think I want to.

My new idea feels kind of magical right now.  Not in any kind of paranormal/fantasy way.  Not at all.  It's another contemporary with a literary bend.   But it does have a decent hook.  Or, at least, I think it does.  It would probably work best as YA, but I think it could be an adult novel if I wanted to go that route.  Which is weird because I've spent the past four years thinking I'd never, ever be able to write something that isn't YA.  What next?  I'll come up with a middle grade idea?!

At the moment, my critique partners and my editor pal are getting more and more excited about the MEOW SISTERS outline.  And I like it, too.  It's interesting to see how different it feels when a story starts with the plot and hook decided upon first instead of with fully developed characters whom I try to create a story for.  It's all weird, though, because even though all signs are pointing for me to get going on MEOW, I've spent all day thinking about this new hypothetical one.  Truthfully, I'm kind of... aching to write it. 

I've never worked on more than one project at a time, and I might not be able to do so now.  But I find myself wondering if writing both could give me some much-needed balance.