Like most people, I have a bunch of e-mail accounts:  one for work, one for most of my personal corrospondence which I check all day long (a Yahoo account), a random one that I rarely use and only check every few days (a G-mail account), and my original email account for old friends that also doubles as a junk e-mail for when I am required to give an email address for something (a Hotmail account).

I recently set up a Comcast account using my first and last names in the address with the intention of using it for writing correspondence only.  All agent queries would come from this account.  Therefore, all agent responses would come to this account as well.  I've been reluctant to start using it, though, because I've never had a Comcast account.  I'm not sure whether I can trust it.  With Hotmail, I know to expect utter unreliablity all the time.  With Yahoo, I expect to receive most of my emails in a timely manner, but there are a small percentage that appear days later than they were sent.

Does anyone have experience with the Comcast email service?  Can I trust it with all these important messages about my career?  Or would I be better off sticking with Yahoo or Gmail for this?