Monday morning my husband and I are flying out of SeaTac for a short trip to NYC. We're going to see one of our favorite bands (Ash) that night. Then we'll have Tuesday, Wednesday, and part of Thursday for various sightseeing. We'll fly home Thursday night. We don't have anything elaborate planned for our trip. Just expectations of doing the Times Square/Central Park/Ground Zero/Ellis Island visiting. We are also going to spend some time at the Museum of Modern Art because I want to see the real Starry Night.

I'll also be meeting Liesa (my former online writing instructor) for coffee on Tuesday afternoon. Not for any type of business talk; just to chat. (We've kept in touch via e-mail since the class ended.) I'm looking forward to meeting her.

So, that's the stuff. It should be fun. I can hardly wait for the morning!

On another note, thank you to everyone who weighed in on my query-etiquette conundrum. I appreciate it.

Query Stats Rejection of full: 1 Agents currently reading full: 1 Agents queried: 13 Rejections from query only: 4 (one with a suggestion to try a collegue instead)

I haven't had any requests from my query yet, but it has only been four days since I e-mailed the first four. And the last five were sent out just this morning. I'm still hopeful.

Have a great week, everyone!