I am loving 2008 so far.  

As you may have seen before, this is my list of goals for 2008:

Goals for 2008

1. Finish THE FAKE MCCOY.   Completed 2/17/08! 

2. Get THE FAKE MCCOY out of here!   Completed 3/2/08.

3. Enter a literary contest.  Completed 2/6/08.

4. Attend a writers' conference.  Registered.  Will complete late-April.

5. Start writing something new.  Coming soon!  I hope...

6. Sing karaoke at a bar.  Completed 3/1/08.

It isn't writing-related, but I have to tell you about #6 here.  

I was terrified!  I was nervous, shaking, and naseated for hours before we went to the bar.  Even while sitting there, I was having second thoughts.  But then other people starting doing their songs, and I decided I could handle it.  I wish I'd given the karaoke thing a try before writing the stage fright scene in my ms.  But even now I wouldn't change a thing, so it didn't matter in the long run. 

According to plan, I requested "Me & Bobby McGee" by Janis Joplin.  

according to plan, the bartender beat me to it!  

Instead, I sang "Creep" by Radiohead.  The DJ said he'd never had a girl choose that one, so I felt very special.  (Ha!  That's sort of an inside joke.  If you know the song, you'll know what it all means.)  My sisters said I sounded "cute" and that I did a fine job with it.  And, you know, I think I believe them.  I wasn't a super star, but I didn't suck either.  

I'm glad I followed through on this goal.  It was fun!  In fact, I'm thinking I may go back and try it again in a few weeks.  I still do want to sing "Me & Bobby McGee."