Hello to everyone who currently has a copy of my draft!

I just wanted to let you know, the proofreading should be completed later today.  Then I can fix all my millions of embarrassing comma errors (and other mistakes).  Gah!   

Based on all the feedback I've received so far, there are mostly little nitpicks to work out, but nothing fatal.  (Unless you've found something that I don't know about yet!!  [/paranoid])  And so, I intend to make my changes and send the full over to Secret Agent Man on Monday, March 3rd.  Eeeee!

Now, if you aren't finished reading and know you won't be by then, it's no problem.  I can still use the feedback whenever its ready.  I'll keep tweaking.  If this agent is The One For Me it will be swell (okay, it will be amazing, really), but I'm not counting on anything.  Hoping, but not expecting.  But I thought I would let you all know my plans to submit to him soon in case it helps you plan.  

Okay.  That's all.  Have a great weekend, everyone!