As far as I can tell, I have only eleven scenes left to revise/write for THE FAKE MCCOY. A good portion of these scenes have not yet been written. Or, if they have, they won't at all resemble themselves by the time I'm done. I'm at a part right now that requires a public argument between two characters to reveal Key Information! and to cause The Big Unraveling! for the protag. However, the characters who are meant to be causing this spectacle have been keeping their secret for over three months (that's in story time; not in real time) and have too much self-control to just cause a scene that clues everyone in. Well, that's all fine and good for them, but how can my protag learn the truth and get all agitated by it if they aren't going to cooperate with what's in the outline? Gah!

I went to bed at 8:45 pm last night and didn't get up until 8 am this morning. I wasn't asleep all that time. I just didn't want to get up until I'd worked it out. I think I might have an idea that will accomplish what I need while still keeping everyone in character. Now I just have to write it and see if I'm right!

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