Two Men I’d Love to Date if I Were Single (and they were single):(When I say "date" here, I'm not meaning anything long term.) 1. One who is good looking, ten years younger than me, spontaneous, and completely unsuitable. 2. One who is good looking, ten years older than me, spontaneous, and completely unsuitable.

Two things I Am Wearing Right Now: 1. Black t-shirt with white polka dots. 2. Black cardigan.

Two Things I Would Want in a Relationship: (Maybe rephrase this to, two things I like a whole, whole bunch in my relationship?) 1. Lots of laughter 2. and sex.

Two of My Favorite Things to do: 1. Write. 2. Read.

Two Things I Want Very Badly At the Moment: 1. To finish my manuscript! 2. An agent who will sell my manuscript.

Two things I did recently: 1. Got my hair trimmed. 2. Ate German cookies.

Two things I ate today: 1. Taco salad. 2. Gingerbread from Starbucks.

Two people I most recently talked to: 1. My husband. 2. My manager.

Two things I’m doing tomorrow: 1. Going to The Cheesecake Factory for my sister's birthday. 2. Getting my eyebrows waxed.

2 longest car rides: 1. Seattle, Washington to Medford, Oregon. 2. Olympia, Washington to Boise, Idaho.

Two Favorite Holidays: Hmmm. This is more difficult than it should be. I guess I'm not much into holidays lately because they seem to cost me more money than I have (gifts!) and they take away time from my writing. Isn't that horrible?

1. Memorial Day and 2. Labor Day. Because the way my schedule works, I end up getting either five or six days off in a row with no obligations every time there is a Monday holiday.

Two Favorite Beverages: 1. Hot chocolate. 2. Shirley Temples.

Two Things you may not have known about me: 1. My first manuscript (FADED AS MY JEANS) was inspired by one of my memories of finding pictures when I was twelve years old from my dad's funeral. (He was killed in a car accident in a head-on collision with a drunk driver at the age of twenty-four. I was four.) Even though I'd always been told he was dead, I still held out the hope that it was a trick of some sort and that he'd come back someday. Finding those pictures dashed that hope, and I felt like that was the day he truly died. I wanted to write that scene -- a girl who hoped her dad was still alive even when there was no hope finding the pictures -- so I created a character and an entire story so that I could.

2. The manuscript I'm working on right now (THE FAKE MCCOY) was inspired by a memory of the day my boyfriend broke up with me when I was sixteen. I really don't remember HOW it happened or what was said. I just remember standing with my back against my locker and whatever it was that happened made me slowly slide to the floor and then sit there crying. And a boy came over to comfort me. (Unfortunately, that boy was the one who had just dumped me, so that sort of sucked.) I wanted to write that scene, but with a different outcome. Kind of as a basis for a new friendship that turns to romance. The scene I'd pictured didn't end up in the story, but there is one where a boy sees a girl crying at school, and it is a turning point for their relationship.

Two places I have lived: 1. Portland, Oregon. 2. Seattle, Washington.

Two of my Favorite Foods: 1. Mongolian Tofu from The Snappy Dragon in Seattle. 2. Chocolate-covered custard-filled eclairs from the Safeway bakery.

Two Places I’d rather be right now: 1. Somewhere warm. 2. Somewhere near warm water.