I've written one "first kiss" scene in my life. That was in December 2004! All other kisses have been like, "And we kissed." Or whatever. Because that was all the description needed or because it was backstory in the narrative. In this manuscript, I've actually written a fade-to-black leading-up-to-sex scene, but it is extremely fast-paced in parts with vagueness about what is happening, body parts, and the specific sensations, but lots about movement and what is going through Seth's mind. (This description of the style makes it sound like a terrible scene. But I, personally, thought it was effective.)

So, the kissing scene I'm meant to be writing today takes place chronologically several chapters before The Sex Scene that I've already completed. The Kiss has been long awaited in the manuscript by both characters involved (and readers, I'm imagining). It is big and important and needs details. I do not want to use the same style I used for The Sex Scene because this is a totally different deal.

I have no problem imagining what this kiss feels like for Seth. I've had this in my mind for, you know, OVER A YEAR. But deciding on the style and arrangement of this scene is very, very difficult!