In my current WIP, I have arranged a mini-arc that starts in around the manuscript 55 percent mark (or what I imagine to be 55 percent) regarding the Homecoming dance. The things that lead up to the dance and happen at the dance will strongly affect Seth's relationships with two of the main characters. Those characters are The True Love Interest and The Girl You Might Think Is In the Running For Love Interest But Really Isn't. I'm not telling who is who. ;-)

I wrote the Homecoming scenes way out of order last year. I had a rough project outline, some random early chapters (but not a decent first chapter), and then I skipped ahead and wrote all the scenes I wanted to write.

That was in October 2006. Since then I have done a ton of work on this, even finishing a horrible draft, and essentially starting over. I keep wanting to get back to Homecoming. I've come up with tons of ideas for it (including moving the first kissing scene to this point in time) and I have been anxious to make what was once the best part of the story finally get up to the standard of my new first half.

After a bazillion delays, I have now made it back to Homecoming. I finished all the leading-up-to-the-dance scenes last week. I have written the first set of scenes at the dance. It's been interesting because I ended up cutting most of the old stuff, but the feel of these parts is exactly what I'd been hoping for. And now, the thing Seth wants - his real reason for going to this stupid dance in the first place - is about to happen!

In less than thirty minutes I am finally going to start working on the scene I've had running through my mind off-and-on for a year!

It's kind of scary thinking of how long I have been waiting for this moment, but I'm excited, too. I can't wait to see how if it's going to turn out the way I've pictured it!