It's very interesting to read through old drafts and see how some of the characters have changed. For instance, I have a guy named Mikey in the story who started out as a pretty major character, but who is gradually becoming less important as I fiddle around with my subplots. If I needed someone to make dirty jokes, made fun of people, and laugh all the time, Mikey would show up in the scene. Obnoxious, that was Mikey.

Now that Daniel isn't dead anymore, most of that stuff is going to him. And Mikey? He's actually kind of a nice guy. One of the more balanced and mature of Seth's friends.

It's just bizarre to see how he's changed. Like I was reading a really old scene that said, "And I was still pissed off at Mikey..."

I was like, Weird. Why is Seth pissed at Mikey? Oh, yeah... Mikey slept with Seth's mom!

(Yeah, I dropped that whole friend sleeps with Mom subplot. It made things too complicated.)