I've mapped out the progression of Seth and Rosetta's relationship. For the most part, I'm happy with it. But now I'm back to the big, important scene that solidifies everything. I've been calling it the "Will they or won't they?" scene because even now I don't know if they're going to have sex. (I keep thinking, no.)

My problem is, to give this scene some surprise or whatever, I've deliberately held off on having them kiss. I threw in a thing Rosetta said about one of her guy friends not understanding that she only wants to be friends so that Seth would think she was talking about him, too. That way, he wants to kiss her, but he chooses not to because he thinks she doesn't want that.

So, there is a scene at a dance where they really SHOULD be kissing, but they don't. Then there is a scene where Rosetta is having the biggest breakdown she'll ever have in these pages. At the end of it, when Seth realizes just how much she depends on him, he could kiss her. Maybe. But not if he's never kissed her before, right? Or maybe he could kiss her out of some kind of desperation, thinking it will help her feel better?

Right now, I have them NOT KISSING there, but going back the trailer park where Seth's mom makes a fuss over Rosetta. Meanwhile Kendall from next door gives Seth shit over bringing some rich girl home (which Rosetta does not hear). Seth ends up betraying Rosetta (but no realizing it at the time). Then there is some sexual innuendo when everyone else takes off and leaves them alone together. It's mortifying, really.

And this, THIS is where I've chosen to have Seth and Rosetta's first kiss take place. And then whatever else happens after that. And they have very Important Discussions and it is clear that they are falling in love.

And then two scenes later his unintentional betrayal ruins EVERYTHING and the rest of the story is spent with Seth dealing with losing Rosetta and finally, their eventual reconciliation.

I think it is probably realistic that it would happen this way. He isn't the type of guy to go for it and kiss his close friend if he thinks she doesn't want him to. But once it's clear that she does want it, hell yeah, he'll be going for it. To what end, I don't know. I keep putting off the scene out of fear, I think.

But it looks like this:

Rosetta cries/is mean to Seth--->Seth helps her out anyway--->Kendall is mean to Seth and Rosetta, then leaves--->Without talking about her crazy meanness of before, Rosetta admits she's been waiting for Seth to kiss her for, like, EVER--->They kiss and whatever else happens--->They talk and she apologizes for and explains the craziness.

I'm just not sure if I like that their first kiss happens at like this with some many things up in the air. I keep feeling like maybe it comes too late. At the same time, I think it's real, just... not as well-placed as some of their other opportunities.

Or maybe the real problem isn't the placement of the kiss; maybe it's the fact that until Rosetta says what she says, Seth really doesn't get that she likes him like that. Maybe he should realize it sooner. But if he realizes it, why hasn't he kissed her yet?