Eleven week ago, I first wrote the scene I'm revising today. Originally, Seth said "f*ck" six times. I didn't have a problem with that; it's an intense scene and the main character is furiously angry. And yet, I felt that six might be too many for people who don't happen to be me. Somehow, I took three out and I don't even know what happened to them! I must have revised those sentences right out of the draft.

Two were revised into these: "What the hell, Mikey?" and "You’re screwing one of my best friends?"

But the one that still remains is: "Dude, f*ck you."

I hope I never have to part with it. It's simple, and it says so much.

(Sidenote that I can't resist including: I feel like a phony for putting those askerisks in here. I'm not good at censoring. But I'm trying to be all non-offensive.)

Edit: Ha! And a month after making this entry, I've now edited the entire SCENE out of the story. There are no eff words left as of right now!