I've had a lot of positive responses from my classmates (and instructor) for my last two chapters. I'm telling you, reading critiques like these is so addictive... like CRACK! I keep logging back in to see if anyone else has left more feedback for me. It's sort of [descriptive word] that other people's opinions have the power to either suck the joy out of me or motivate me like this. I mean, this is coming out almost exactly like the project I envisioned. I always had faith in it. But when the crits from my classmates were somewhat skeptical veering toward positive and my instructor's were all negative, I started having doubts.

Now that everyone seems to be feeling what I was feeling from the start, I'm high as a cliche.

Or something.

I think it's very revealing. I don't like it because I wish I had this confidence on my own. I wish that other people's negativity didn't drag me down so absolutely.

But on the positive side, YAY.

The end.