One thing I've learned about the class I'm taking is that it isn't a complete waste of time. Well, isn't that negative? :-D

Despite my various frustrations, the fact is that I am writing... and I'm enjoying it. I put in 30 hours last week. Five of those were on Sunday - a day I usually take off - because I was pushing to meet a goal. Without the class, I would have just given up for the week and hoped that the next would would be better. But I had a deadline and I was determined to meet it.

I haven't received instructor feedback for two weeks because last week I was too frustrated/angry/unmotivated to turn anything in. And I haven't received anything back from her this week yet. It will probably come later today.

Not getting instructor feedback has been extremely benficial to me, as stupid as that sounds. I got so tired of having my concept ripped apart and having her tell me to change it into something I don't want it to be. It made me not want to write at all.

But my classmates have been really, really supportive. Some of them have sent me private messages telling me not to give up on Seth (my MC) because they think I'm doing a great job with him. (I never intended to give up on him, but they were all there for the chat when the instructor told me to do so.) My feedback this week from all of them was very nice. Compliments were there, but also thoughtful suggestions of things to work on. This is what I need. People who encourage me to keep going and let me know what I'm doing right, but who also point out the flaws as they see them. My instructor could stand to take a lesson from us supposed amateurs.