I've been trying to be understanding and not too high maintenance, but this is getting ridiculous.

I just got my third critique back from my online instructor. These were for my second and third chapters. Which, numerically follow my first chapter. Which she read last week along with my outline.

So, she commented that my "opening" doesn't make any sense. That she doesn't know who any of the characters are and it's confusing. That there is too much going on. But, you see, my first chapter led up to all of this with a dramatic cliff hanger ending. All these characters and situations were explained. There is no reason why she should be like, "Wait? Who is this? His brother?" It says who he is in the last line of last week's assignment.

Then she continually referred to my main character as "she" throughout the first half of the critique. Hello! He's been a boy all along. Just because I'm a female doesn't meant I'm writing one.

I get that she might get confused since I'm not her only student, but I think it's pretty crappy that once she realized her error, she didn't go back and fix the comments. It's obvious that she is just doing this in a big hurry.

I get that she has infant twins and that her own writing project is due in a few days. But I think that she should not be teaching a class if she doesn't want to put the time in. I've never had a writing instructor be so clueless about something that she just read last week. And my previous instructors have been teaching 20+ students.

I want to send her a note to let her know how I feel, but I'm too angry right now. And I'm concerned that it will just sound like sour grapes. She was very critical, calling my main character unlikable and saying that there is too much heavy stuff in my first chapter. (Which, of course, was the second chapter, but it appears that the words "Chapter 2" eluded her.)

I'm trying to figure out if I'm angry because she didn't say anything positive or because she really isn't paying attention. If she had called my MC a girl and rambled on and on about not knowing who the characters are, but said some good things too, would I be this pissed? I'm not sure.