In February of 2005, I thought of an idea for Novel #2. I was really, really excited about it, but I forbid myself from thinking about it. You see, I was in the middle of Novel #1 and I was determined to finish! I was finally able to get started on Novel #2 in January of 2006. I toiled for five months and got discouraged partway through. In the meantime, I came up with the idea for Novel #3. Since I was frustrated with Novel #2, I decided to take a break and go for Novel #3!

In that time, I wrote (by hand) a good portion of a first draft for Novel #3. I have only typed up three chapters so far. I am still interested in the story and the characters and working out how to make it better. But my mind is straying again. I am obsessed with my idea for Novel #4. It consumes my thoughts! It's all I want to be working on! I am so in love with it!

This is worrying. Dropping projects in favor of new ones is NOT a good way to finish anything! I'm not sure whether any good will come of this.

People say it is good to follow my inspiration and to work on the project that most excites me. But maybe it would be better to go back to my original strategy where I forced myself to finish one project before allowing myself to think of another.

It's almost August. I should have one full manuscript completed for the year by now. Instead, I have one abandoned half manuscript, one rough draft, and elaborate plans for yet another.